Improv Theatre – ACTitudine Program – English Edition

  • March 17th, 2017 6:30 pm
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We’ve been waiting for you!

You’ve probably heard about improvisational theatre, about ACTitudine, or you just want to develop yourself. That’s why you’re here! You’re in the right place… it’s us! We’re the ones who, since 2014, have been organizing an unforgettable experience for the youth and adults from ACTitudine!

Over 140 people graduated from ACTitudine at the Studio. They learned to improvise, went in a teambuilding in the mountains, they laughed, became friends, developed a lot of competencies and performed in an improv show.

And the best part is you don’t need any experience! You just need to be motivated and to be present in the program, for 3 months. To be physically present, because about real presence, we’ll take care at ACTitudine!

Deadline: Friday, March 10th!

Limited number of places, the persons who register first will be given priority.
We’re waiting for you!

ACTitudine – the program where you get to know yourself better and to develop yourself through improvisational theatre.

The program was nominated for THE BEST EDUCATIONAL PROJECT at Young Civil Society Gala, in 2015.


3 months (March – June 2017)


  • Weekly workshops of non-formal education through improvisational theatre (12 of them);
  • An unforgettable teambuilding in the mountains;
  • A final improve performance, created by you & your colleagues.

You develop:

  • Effective communication abilities;
  • Public speaking skills;
  • Spontaneity and adaptability in unpredictable situations;
  • The competence to work efficiently in a team;
  • Self-acceptance and accepting the others;
  • Better communication in English.

Project team

The program is coordinated by Maria Cărbunaru, the founder of ACTitudine. The workshops will be facilitated by Ștefan Dragomir and Adela Mureșan.

About Ștefan

Ștefan is a part of Education Studio trainers team. He facilitates non-formal learning experiences through innovative methods, like improv theatre and stop-motion animation. He graduated from The National University of Theatre and Film, Multimedia section, București.

Strong points: creates new improve games | makes you feel comfortable around him | knows a lot of things about stories and movie characters

Improvisation is like a serious game that you shouldn’t be taking too seriously. We discover ourselves and the others, we create a shared comfort zone and we express our inner child. The results always bring laughs, a lot of good mood, and, while you were not even paying attention… personal development.

About Adela

Adela is fascinated by learning and she likes to explore the ways in which words and the stage have an effect on people. That’s how she got into English language training and public speaking. Her grammar police skills have been fine-tuned at the Faculty of Letters in Oradea. In her free time, Adela likes to laugh. She hopes to make a hobby out of it one day.

Strong points: has experience in working with different kinds of groups | warm and helpful presence | passioned by characters and storytelling

Improv is one of the most fascinating games you can play at any age. The kind of game that teaches you trust and the value of now, teaches you how vulnerability creates connection and how to rejoice over clumsiness, because in improv everything can turn into a uniquely memorable moment.

Practical details

The workshops will take place every week on Fridays, starting from March,  from 18:30 to 21:00, at the Studio. First workshop: Friday, March 17th, 18:30.

The Studio is located on Tipografiei 1 street, Interphone 030, across Magazinul Central. You can find a picture HERE.

The program is not addressed to the persons experienced in improvisational theatre.

Your contribution to the program is 150 lei/month and 100 lei/month for students.


If you want to participate, fill in the form below until Friday, March 10th, and wait for our answer via email. We will need your confirmation so that if you change your mind, somebody else could take your place.

Application Form

Details about the Romanian edition:

Teatru de Improvizație – Program ACTitudine ediția 7

What the former participants say…

ACTitudine appeared in my life in a moment when I was feeling lost in many aspects of my life. I was scared, unable to make changes and terrified of new things. And then ACTitudine happened. After the first 2 meetings, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue, the third one absorbed me completely. Everything started like an apparently simple game, where we had to discover things about the others. I saw that I’m not alone, neither in my mentality nor in my feelings. The rest is history 🙂                                                                                                                                                            Ileana, ACTitudine – 3rd edition

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