EVS blog #2: Best and Worst moments!

After a few months living and volunteering in Cluj, the four EVS volunteers in Education Studio have passed through a huge variety of experiences. Some of them were awesomely nice, even if others were not so good. Here they would like to share their personal highlights, with the most beautiful, surprising moments, but also the embarrasing, desperating ones.

       Worst moments:


After an intense climbing weekend in the mountains, Lara had to take a taxi to come back to the civilization. That was the moment she first experienced the Romanian taxi freestyle driving.

Every Wednesday Marleen attends a Romanian lesson. Sometimes, she feels so confused because of the Romanian gramatics that she just doesn’t get a thing about what the lesson is about.

Karin went to a caving expedition in the mountains for a weekend. At some point, she decided to come back. What she did not expect was that the Romanian winter was coming.

During the first week in Romania, Anaïs had to clearify her legal situation in the country. That was when she discovered the messy maze of bureaucracy.

    Best moments:

EVS best moments

A perfect birthday recipe should include the following ingredients: cake, candles, violins, heart-shaped balloons, and lots of glitter. Combine them randomly and you will be sure to make Lara happy.

As a new foreigner in Romania, Marleen went to the touristic Bran Castle. But instead of visiting it, what she enjoyed the most was sharing the surprising first snow with her new friends.

After spending one year in Finland, Karin was feeling nostalgic of the cold and the bears, so it is not surprising that one of her happiest moments was when she found someone with whom she could speak Finnish.

One of the most interesting things of living abroad is discovering new traditions. Celebrating Sinterklaas for the first time was so nice that Anaïs decided to adopt it. Sharing crafts, poems and chocolates is something that everyone should try.

The drawings and the article are made by Lara Cortizas, EVS volunteer in Education Studio, project Initiatives for Social Change.

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