Spokenword poetry training – tips & tricks #1

Spokenword poetry – just a way of entertaiment or a strong mean for personal education and development?

Education Studio aims to build a bridge between the two! In april 2018 we gathered 24 youthworkers from all over Europe on this very challenging topic. We went through a training course that focused on developing a specific methodology for using spokenword/slam poetry in workshops for youth. 

Here you have some of our tips and tricks that we recommend to be taken into account when organizing a spokenword – based learning experience. 

Tip #1 Give enough attention on building the group

        Poetry, as any form of art, focuses on the craftsmanship of own`s strengths and vulnerabilities. But vulnerability is a tough job!

Therefore, before starting with any creative exercises, make sure:

  • your group feels safe enough to explore and share their inner discoveries,
  • you don`t use encouragements or punishments for the content of the discoveries, as there aren`t good or bad emotions, but just…emotions. And they can charmingly be used in the following poems.
  • use exercises that enable the connection among the people, both at a verbal and non-verbal level.

Suggested activities:

  • free movement around the space with elements of: eye – contact, short verbal sentences/lyrics, progressive body contact
  • mirroring dance and basic contact improvisation elements
  • Big talk sharing sessions. We all hate and need small talk in the same time. But we can make big talk also!

Here is the Big Talk website where you can find examples of topics that can facilitate the way to meaningful conversations

Stay tuned for the next tips and tricks!


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